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I'm actually more active on Facebook and Instagram! Here are my other social media accounts.……

Both my studio work and cosplay work is listed above. I do hope you join me there! 
If you want to share your work, I've made an exclusive FB group for friends to share their work for Inktober! I invite my Deviant Art watchers to join it as well :D 

Let's Get Creative! Join Below! 


Just a quick preview of something I'm working on. :D My demi-god Mother of Chaos from my story "Revelation of Ula'ran". The program I am using is GIMP and just using my finger and my trackpad.

Which, is how I do all my coloring because I'm tablet illiterate. ._.
I'm looking to do a little more practice. Would anyone be interested in doing an art trade? Looking to do Original Character for Original Character.

Looking to do it with one or two people for now. Nothing more than that. :D 
Hello guys! Just a small update. My old account was royally hacked for Instagram. I decided to disable that account and start a new one! There's nothing on it as of right now, but I'll be updating soon! Please follow! I post more often on Instagram than any other social media site :D…
Yo! I've gained a couple followers over the months. I just want to remind my followers that my Deviant Art account is for my finished works! I like to keep it neat and clean and fee from work in progress things. My sketches, cosplay works and other life things can be found on the following social media: 

Instagram: kiotoko_solo 
(I post a lot on here and a variety of different things. This is what I use the most for social media updating, at least once a week)

(This if for my art only, most of it is a direct link to my Instagram.)

(This is where I post cosplay only. Updated every couple months.) 


I've been a little slower with things because recent involved in a serious car accident. It's taken over a month to recover, but my husband is still in recovery. Well wishes would be appreciated and thanks to those who have sent us good vibes. I've opened up commissions recently (both cosplay and art) but I'm currently closed until further notice. I have two art commissions to finish and a Jasmine from Pokemon cosplay commission to complete. Starting October 1st, I will be working on a series of Renaissance Festival costumes for Louisiana Renaissance Festival in Hammond, so keep and eye out for those updates though my other social media! As of right now, I'm working on the concept art for my costume, which I hope to have posted on here as a finished piece for you guys to see. 

Cheers and hope you guys are having a great fist few days of autumn! (except the South, because it's still over 90 degrees down here)
Hello all! Just a small update for my lovely followers on here. I began a Tumblr blog in which I post my sketches, works in progress and the final pieces of my artwork. If you would like to follow me on there the link is

I'll post on here still, but only my finished works. :D
Yes~ I tied the knot August 30th. (actually we legally were married May 14th but didn't have the wedding until August 30th) 

I just wanted to show you guys a couple photos taken by Ryan Bouque of Ryan Bourque photography ( ) My mother did most of my decorations, but I hand made my dress. :D yay for cosplay skills.

Ryan Bourque Photography: Oneill Wedding &emdash; My handsom Husband Rhett O'Neill

Ryan Bourque Photography: Oneill Wedding &emdash; First Kiss as Husband and wife, along with my dress I made by hand.

If you want to look at more, here is the link to all our photos :D ryanbourquephotography.zenfoli…

Warning: Just a boring journal about personal life.

As some of you know, I'm a graphic design major. The other day I was showing my personal work off to a new friend. He asked directly, "Are you a professional concept artist?"

I was VERY ecstatic about this. He knew nothing about my degree or what I've been going through as an artist. The fact he thought my sketches were on professional grade level really touched me. I've always dreamed of being a concept artist, however there isn't a degree offered as such so I had to go for Graphic Design as my major. I really don't care for it. It's not that I hate it, but comparatively to my other talents, graphic design is my weakest area. Although I make exceptional grades, I am always bottom of the bucket in my class when it comes to graphic design creativity.

Just within the last few months I decided to say, "fuck it all" and market myself as a concept artist and illustrator using graphic design as a marketing solution. 90% of these graphic design majors can't draw a stick figure so why not make myself stand out and show them what I am truly all about. My grades have improved from low B's to High A's, teachers and students had NO clue how well I could draw. Some even have come up tp me and told me personally how awesome it is that's I'm that diverse and how I should make that my key marketing for myself.

For those who have been asking about my Youtube Channel:

I deleted it about 6 months ago. After much thought, I decided it was time to retire from Youtube. Now if this retirement is final, probably not.

In the future, I would like to acquire better equipment and software for video editing, thus remaking many of my tutorials. So I thank those who have stuck with me through the years, and I hope this change doesn't scare you away but brings you patience and understanding.
Hello everyone new and old! I haven't been active on Deviant Art in over 3 years so this is a little weird to be typing on here. I have decided to store all my deviantions for now and start with a new slate. Thank you to those who have enjoyed my artwork over the years but it's now stored away.

I have started a new stage in my life and feel that I need to clean out my old artwork and start with a fresh and new set of illustrations and cosplays.

*cough* Oh yeah, BY THE WAY.. I'm getting married by the way guys and I'm graduating college in the spring. Crazy right? 

Hello New/Old followers!

Tue Jul 10, 2012, 7:01 AM
Time for that annual cleaning of my deviant art! I'll be removing and adding new stuff to keep my gallery fresh! In other news, Hyrule Happy Squad opened a Etsy shop!…

I Heart Gender Bending Stamp by TheSnowDrifter Link Nom Nom Stamp by Liquidfire3 Nerdy Boyfriend stamp by missjesswinkwink DA Stamp - Other Gender 01 by tppgraphics For girls who cosplay as boys by Reckless-X-Abandon

OC facebook group!

Mon Feb 6, 2012, 6:31 PM…

Join if you love OCs :D

I Heart Gender Bending Stamp by TheSnowDrifter Link Nom Nom Stamp by Liquidfire3 Nerdy Boyfriend stamp by missjesswinkwink DA Stamp - Other Gender 01 by tppgraphics For girls who cosplay as boys by Reckless-X-Abandon

New Orleans Comic Con Video!

Thu Feb 2, 2012, 7:07 AM…

It's SO scary how much Rachel looks like me in my Link cosplay XDD It's like seeing double!

I Heart Gender Bending Stamp by TheSnowDrifter Link Nom Nom Stamp by Liquidfire3 Nerdy Boyfriend stamp by missjesswinkwink DA Stamp - Other Gender 01 by tppgraphics For girls who cosplay as boys by Reckless-X-Abandon

Oh Hai. (aka cosplay year info)

Sun Jan 8, 2012, 9:46 AM
How is everyone doing? :D

I just wanted to update and say I'm not dead, I just have been SUPER busy with cons. I also wanted to ask if anyone is going to UltimaCon in New Orleans May 25-27th?

I'll be running 2 panels and helping out with 1.

Parent's Intro to Cosplay & Crossplay (PG-13)
Presented by: Hyrule Happy Squad
*We encourage parent attendance! No badge required!*

Parents, worried about your child cosplaying? Kids, can't explain to parents what cosplay is and why you like it? This panel welcomes both parents and their kids! This cosplaying panel covers the questions parents have that their kids have trouble answering! We will cover general subjects on cosplay and detailed subjects on cosplay such as:
-How can cosplay help in a career choice?
-How can I help my child in their cosplay choices?
-How to budget my child's cosplay and still get a positive result?
-and much more!

Cosplay Contest 101
Presented by: Kio

Whether it's your first time in a cosplay contest or you've had years of experience, everyone is welcome to join us for UltimaCon's Cosplay Contest 101 Panel! This panel will show you how to prepare for a cosplay contest and what to expect from the judges. Members of Hyrule Happy Squad will be showing and telling cosplayers the step by step process of a contest as well as techniques to improve their performance. Contestants and non-contestants are all welcomed to join us!

Crossplay 101
Presented by: Amaya De'Morte, Kio and Count D

Want to start your journey into crossplaying but have no idea where to start? Have no fear! Binding, tucking, makeup, and much more will not be a problem after Crossplay 101 presents the techniques and secrets to being the opposite gender for cosplay. Both male and female crossplay will be covered and discussed by fellow crossplayers! Even if you are not a crossplayer, we welcome all types of cosplayers. You may learn something benefiting to your own gender for cosplaying!

I ALSO WILL HAVE AN ARTIST TABLE AT ULTIMACON. I will be helping at Thieves of Steam's table with some little steam punk trinkets and I'll have another table with FishyBob and Mummbles selling artwork,plushies and blankets and such.

I Heart Gender Bending Stamp by TheSnowDrifter Link Nom Nom Stamp by Liquidfire3 Nerdy Boyfriend stamp by missjesswinkwink DA Stamp - Other Gender 01 by tppgraphics For girls who cosplay as boys by Reckless-X-Abandon
; u ; thanks to my good friend :iconashta-nightrayne: I have a sub!~ YOU. YES YOU. GO CHECK HER STUFF OUT. NOWS. IT'S FULL OF AWESOME

If you want a couple good laughs and an incite into my life outside of cosplay, here you go!…

Happy almost Halloween guys!~ Hope you're having/going to have a nice one. Our group just finished with a Halloween party, I was dressed as a Little Sister from Bioshock 2.

Just some cosplay updates. I apologize for being dead with updates on cosplay. This is the time of year when it starts to slow down, con season is pretty much over until IkkiCon!~Yupp, I'm going to IkkiCon for Kyle and I's anniversary. FINALLY a con where I don't have to do anything but herp derp around with my boyfriend. I know we are going to have fun. lol

As for future cosplays,I have a pretty small lineup of cosplays so far for 2012. Mostly one that's a secret. :D It's someone WAY beyond my comfort zones. I'll give only one hit..... World of Warcraft cosplay. :D

Money has been kinda rolling in slow, mostly my fault due to not finishing art commissions. However, soon as I get back to my appartment, I plan on finishing up stuff.

Promise I'll start uploading more stuff, probably mostly non cosplay stuff until con season hits.
I'm just ganna leave this here. <3…